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Chimney Cleaning Recommendations from Paul Davis

Cleaning your chimney is no easy task, but it’s important to remove buildup in order to prevent house fires. When you clean your chimney you must do a very thorough job to ensure the safety of your home. Here are two simple tips from Paul Davis to help make cleaning your chimney a little easier.

Have the Right Tools

Tools that you will need to clean your chimney include a chimney rod, chimney brush, buckets, tarps, and a flashlight. Having sufficient duct tape on hand will be useful, too.

Use the Correct Technique

As with most things, using proper technique makes the process much easier. When brushing your chimney, consult this website for the proper techniques and steps required to clean your chimney:


We hope these few chimney cleaning recommendations from Paul Davis will help keep you warm while easing into the winter season. Remember to Call Paul anytime you have property damage caused by fire, water, mold or storm. We’re here to assist!