Keep Burglars at Bay While You’re Away

We could all use a summer getaway. While leaving town for a getaway can be refreshing, it can also be worrisome. With no one in your home from day to day, what is to keep someone from breaking in? Thankfully, there are many ways that you can have peace of… Read more »

Power Outage? Have a Safety Plan in Place

The weather doesn’t have to be severe for a power outage to occur. Share the following helpful tips to encourage safety during a power outage.     Use only flashlights for emergency lighting. Candles may cause a fire.     Keep doors to kitchen appliances, like refrigerators and freezers, closed. If doors are unopened,… Read more »

Know Where to Look for Mold

As the weather grows cooler and intense sunshine lessens, encourage others to conduct a fall season check for any warping or water staining around the home or business that may indicate a potential mold problem. They shouldn’t be afraid to check under cabinets and carpeting or even along walls and… Read more »

Cooler Weather Can Bring Mold Issues

As the change of seasons takes place in the fall, a change to cooler, wetter weather can contribute to the growth of mold. The ability of warm sunshine to keep mold in check diminishes when cooler, damper days take hold. Now is a great time to share tips for preventing… Read more »

Dangerous Fire Ignited by Sunshine, Summer Heat and Dog Waste

Approximately 75 million dogs live with their owners throughout the U.S. So it’s a wonder that this fire hazard hasn’t grown more widespread, especially during periods of high summer heat and intense mid-day sunlight. Who among us would think twice about tossing collected dog waste in a cardboard carton? This… Read more »

Create a Family Emergency Plan

If an emergency occurred tomorrow, such as severe weather or a natural disaster, would you be ready? Paul Davis has created a Family Emergency Plan for you to fill out, so you know how to communicate during an emergency. Click the link below to download the form and enter your… Read more »

Extra Summer Care for Your Air Conditioner

Chances are that if you have an air conditioner, it has been hard at work this summer. And while we appreciate being kept cool and comfortable, especially during hot or humid summer months, we quickly get ‘hot under the collar’ when our air conditioner stops working. What’s worse, it can… Read more »