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Flooding from a hurricane

Safety Tips to Prepare for Floods

Our area may soon experience dangerous and fast-rising waters. Be sure to know your way to quickly reach higher ground should your home or business be threatened. Flood waters often rise very quietly –  and very quickly – to become extremely dangerous. Pay special attention to any ‘flash flood warning’ which is the most severe, imminent alert and requires moving immediately to high ground. Sudden violent flood waters can take just minutes to mount and are known to occur even in areas that haven’t experienced heavy rain. People and their pets should seek high, safer ground immediately. Leave lower lying areas.  Don’t drive or wade into rising or rushing water. Seek elevated positions – trees, rooftops or other high and secure places if unable to reach high ground.

Flood warnings should also be taken seriously. When hazardous weather conditions are announced and soon expected or already occurring, ‘flood warnings’ provide some time to prepare and escape to safer surroundings. Agree ahead of time with family and friends to meet at a safe location. If time permits, gather a three-day supply of water (one gallon, per person, per day), easily opened food (no cooking or refrigeration required), family pets, medicines for three days, boots for all and a NOAA Weather Radio.

A ‘flood watch’ forecast announces conditions that may cause flooding. Know the route to use in order to avoid roads likely to flood and the fastest route to high ground. If access to sandbags is available, place them to protect your home – especially doors and low windows. Check if your sump pump is operational.  Be organized to leave quickly. It is wise to stay observant of changing weather conditions.

A ’flood advisory’ lets residents know that while flooding isn’t expected, conditions warrant this early advisory as a precaution. If you haven’t purchased flood insurance for your home or business, this may be your wake-up call to reconsider that decision. Most policies take 30 days to take effect. Once the severe weather has passed and any high water recedes, be sure to Inspect all areas of your home or business for water penetration and damage. Call your insurer promptly to report any suspected damage and call Paul Davis. This is no time for second best™