It Makes Sense to Use Environmentally Responsible Cleaning Products

Being environmentally sensitive is a big part of the Paul Davis commitment to our residential and business customers as well as our valued industry partners. So you’ll see our ResQ brand cleaning products being used frequently to provide outstanding cleaning performance. Equally important, Paul Davis companies communicate to our residential… Read more »

Thermal Imaging Saves Time and Money

Many innovative technologies developed for security, military and space exploration applications later find their way into industry applications that benefit us every day. That is certainly the case with thermal imaging. Breakthroughs in the late 1990s enabled manufacturers of thermal imaging cameras to marry an uncooled detector to earlier TI… Read more »

Advanced Washing Systems – Effective and Environmentally Friendly

Home and business owners who suffer a property loss involving fire, water, or flood damage often find their distress magnified when filthy water, mud, dirt and soot have penetrated their ‘soft goods.’ Cleaning and restoring upholstered furniture, carpets, personal clothing, athletic wear, and especially shoes, keepsake wedding dresses, and other… Read more »

Water Damage Assessment and Monitoring

MICA is a web-based software monitoring tool used in repairing and settling water damage claims. The initials stand for Mitigation Industry Control Application and Paul Davis spearheaded the development of MICA, with its efficient and accurate collection of psychrometric readings during the drying process. Using a mobile device, tablet or… Read more »

Technology and Innovation Unite at Paul Davis

At Paul Davis, we’ve always been passionate about bringing new, innovative technologies into our everyday work. Used correctly, astounding results in restoration, cleaning and repair are possible. So too are efficiencies in scheduling and the ability to better and more quickly manage claims while also achieving meaningful cost reductions. Plus,… Read more »

Pros and Cons of Insuring High-Value Items

Birthday and anniversary gifts, gifts through inheritance, and special purchases you may have made during travel or to celebrate some good fortune add up over the years. Before you realize it you may have a considerable amount of high-value items in your home that may not be covered by standard… Read more »

Termite Protection: The Low-Cost Alternative

No homeowner wants to hear the dreaded words, “You have termites.” That’s because every year, termites cause millions of dollars in structural damage–and homeowners likely spend even more money trying to treat the problem. Most people don’t even realize they have termites until there is a swarm of them present… Read more »

Fast Action Against Toaster Fires

Most people don’t think of their kitchens as dangerous places. However given the frequent use of electricity and gas, problems can arise. So when it comes to a kitchen fire, namely one in your toaster, it’s always best to be prepared for the worst-case scenario so that you can act… Read more »

Correcting Mitigation Errors After Inexperienced Missteps

It’s a bad day when the local YMCA suffers a destructive roof leak that soaks beautiful hardwood gym floors and several adjacent studio spaces. But to compound the damage, the mitigation company hired to dry out the affected spaces made matters far worse. The company chose an improper drying method… Read more »

Fast Work by Paul Davis Saves Wedding Days

The date was set. The deposits paid. The guests invited. But telling the bride and groom to postpone their wedding ceremony is a call this privately owned event center didn’t want to make. Their fire suppression system had piping in some poorly insulated areas, and a cold snap froze a… Read more »