Water Damage Assessment and Monitoring

MICA is a web-based software monitoring tool used in repairing and settling water damage claims. The initials stand for Mitigation Industry Control Application and Paul Davis spearheaded the development of MICA, with its efficient and accurate collection of psychrometric readings during the drying process. Using a mobile device, tablet or laptop, a Paul Davis water restoration specialist collects signatures on electronic forms, draws the floor plan, takes psychrometric logs, and records moisture mappings directly into the device — including capturing on-the-scene photos with the device and attaching them to the appropriate sections of the scope. The collected data is then uploaded and synced to the MICA web portal. All reports are formatted according to the standards (includes summary, pricing, psychrometric logs, moisture maps, floor plan, pictures, work authorizations), then quickly sent to the adjuster. Its simple-to-read dashboard gives insurance clients immediate and convenient access that has dramatically reduced the cycle time and costs in settling water damage claims. Is it important? You be the judge. Water and mold losses account for between 22% and 25% of homeowner loss payments and nearly 30% of loss claims. That’s $7.5 billion annually. Learn more about MICA at https://www.micaexchange.com/Mitigation.aspx