Taking Time to Organize Your Life Treasures

There never seems to be enough time to gather a record of all our important household belongings. But if you’ve ever had the bad experience of losing some or all of your life treasures, you’ll never overlook that important task again. There are two ways to inventory your household belongings,… Read more »

Emergency Recovery Etiquette

When disaster strikes, confusion and concern often rule the day. First responders are typically still on the scene. Affected home and business owners are in a state of distress. Damages are being discovered. Tension fills the air. At Paul Davis we must walk the fine line of being helpful but… Read more »

Disasters Suddenly Awake Us

You can prepare for and deal with many emergencies. But while emergencies as well as disasters require a quick, well-planned response, disasters fall into the category of sudden, unexpected and far reaching, typically encompassing a larger geographic area and a greater scale of devastation. Government and disaster response from the… Read more »

Thinking Ahead: Having an Emergency Plan on Hand

There’s a wise adage often spoken about planning. Fail to plan, plan to fail. That’s important to keep in mind when considering the need for an emergency plan for your home or business. So once you’ve decided that an emergency plan is a good idea, the work ahead need not… Read more »

Workplace Safety You Should Know

Workplace safety needs to be more than just the annual safety meeting where everyone runs through the organization’s procedures and nominates leads. Safety is a mindset, and it is the responsibility of every employee to develop the skills and awareness needed to contribute to a safer work environment as well… Read more »

Take Dryer Safety Seriously

A surprisingly high number of fires in the home are caused by something as simple as lint. According to, 2,900 home clothes dryer fires are reported each year and cause an estimated 5 deaths, 100 injuries, and $35 million in property loss. This is tragic, as fires caused by… Read more »

Spring Storm Safety

Spring storms are often a welcome sign of warmer weather returning. However, their volatile nature and rapid temperature changes can cause incredible amounts of damage to homes and properties. In addition to high winds and potential flooding, hail is a common destructive force, and as you head further south the… Read more »

Understanding Homeowners Insurance

A house is considered the largest purchase an average person will ever make in his or her lifetime. Its value is not just an asset, but it’s also a home–a roof over your head and the central gathering place for your family. That’s why intelligently protecting your home is essential.… Read more »