This is No Time for Second Best™

What do you value most? For most people the answer would be my family, my home, and my peace of mind. Anything that threatens family, home and peace of mind can turn our lives upside down. Paul Davis understands the emotional toll of disaster. Being experts at disaster cleanup and… Read more »

Be Alert For Severe Storms and Heavy Rain

Any severe storm with accompanying high winds, driving rain and thunder and lightning is serious business. Don’t think you can’t get hurt; anyone can be injured or killed when they ignore the deadly potential of a storm. If you don’t already have an in-home or business-ready plan to weather storms… Read more »

Property Risk Reduction From Floods

Most of us think we’re pretty good at avoiding risky behaviors. The statistics say otherwise. The average person sustains over 9,600 minor injuries in their lifetime. That’s 10 per month during an 80-year lifespan. Auto mishaps and healthcare risks constitute greater risks, but thankfully with less frequent occurrence. The average… Read more »

Finding Ways to Lower Summer Utility Bills

Summer is a favorite time of year for many people. Of course, the warmer the weather gets, the higher our summer utility bills seem to climb. Thankfully, lowering your utility bills doesn’t have to mean investing in solar panels, or even suffering until the change of seasons. With just a… Read more »

Independence Day, July 4 – How it All Started

The 4th of July is a big holiday here in the United States. These days our celebrations are often spent with family and friends. We host barbecues, light fireworks, and many of us enjoy the day off work since July 4th is a federally recognized holiday. Of course, this representation… Read more »

Barbecue Safety

We all have a similar thought once the last signs of winter disappear and the weather finally warms: barbecue. But as the weather warms and families begin firing up their grills, the number of grill-related accidents increases. In fact, according to the National Fire Protection Association, outdoor grilling causes an… Read more »

Does Your Workplace Have An Evacuation Plan?

It’s rare for someone to anticipate a disaster or an emergency. That being said, both things can strike at any moment. It’s not just at home where these dangers lurk. It’s also in our workplace environment. Disasters and emergencies don’t have a history of striking when it’s convenient, so in… Read more »

Signs Your Pet May Have an Allergy

We love our pets. For many of us, our pets are full-fledged family members. In fact, we often take them with us on errands, weekend trips, and family picnics. Did you know that just like us, our pets can suffer from allergies? In fact, the next time you see your… Read more »