Emergency Planning for Long-Term Care Facilities

Throughout the U.S., more than 15,000 assisted living facilities care for approximately 1.4 million aging and disabled residents. It’s not surprising that the majority of assisted living residents are elderly, two-thirds or more are women, and due to advanced age, frailty, poor eyesight, impaired hearing, and their resulting confusion during… Read more »

Hats Off to Firefighters and Other First Responders

They are the people who run straight toward danger rather than running away. In the U.S., more than two million firefighters and police officers are our front line defense when dangers occur. Add the EMTs/paramedics, sheriff’s deputies, tow operators, and departments of transportation (DOT) responders who are also exposed to… Read more »

Four 2018 Predictions to Ponder

Wouldn’t it be great if we could accurately forecast the future and act upon the insights we might glean? History has proven time and again that ‘accuracy’ and ‘forecast’ are hard to merge successfully, but studying trends does improve the odds. With that in mind, we’ve looked at a long… Read more »

Tips For Hiring Home Service Companies

Not every home service company is the same. So when you want to hire one to help you around your home, there are a few things to look for. We’ve pulled together a list of helpful tips to consider the next time you decide to hire a handyman or handywoman.… Read more »

Understanding Smoke Damage

Fires can destroy a home or business. In 2015, there were 1,345,500 fires reported in the United States. And these fires caused 3,280 civilian deaths. So we know the danger of fire in addition to the damage it can cause. One thing many people don’t talk about, however, is smoke… Read more »

Safety Tips For Showers

You might be surprised by the number of bathroom injuries that occur annually. Between wet, slippery floors and rugs that won’t stay put, thousands of nonfatal bathroom accidents occur every single year. A bathtub or shower can be especially dangerous, and most problems occur when we’re getting in and out… Read more »