Tips For Hiring Home Service Companies

Not every home service company is the same. So when you want to hire one to help you around your home, there are a few things to look for. We’ve pulled together a list of helpful tips to consider the next time you decide to hire a handyman or handywoman. It’s important to keep in mind that licensing varies by industry and state. Depending on what you need to have done, looking into your state’s regulations is always a great place to begin. But first, you’ll need to:

Define your project: Do you need your bathtub drain snaked? Maybe you need help cleaning your gutters. Whatever the job, make sure you have it well defined. This will help you search for and find the very best service company for the job. Because when your job is defined, you’ll be able to search for a specialist—not just for a jack of all trades.

Follow the rule of three: Most companies require three bids for any project they’re having done. You should consider the same for your home. Rather than settle for the first specialist you find, search for at least three positively reviewed service companies. Next, speak with a representative from each one about your project. And don’t be afraid to ask all three for a bid. You deserve the best deal in addition to the best company.

Beware of scams: By following the rule of three, you’ll have a higher probability of avoiding scammers. If you get an incredibly low bid or if someone simply shows up at your home offering services, be careful. These actions don’t necessarily mean a service company isn’t reputable, but they should raise a red flag. Before proceeding with a service company that doesn’t feel quite right, take some time to look into them. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Get everything in writing: A reputable service company will have no problem with paperwork. So be sure to ask for the job details to be written out, including starting and completion dates and a fee schedule. Any changes to this contract should be discussed with you, the customer, prior to the change taking place. And if a change is happening that you’re not in agreement with, you do have the right to say “no” or to negotiate if “no” isn’t possible.

Inspect the work: Most companies will ask for you to review them online once they’ve completed services. Before you do so, be sure to look over their work. If an inspection is difficult—a handyman snaked your drain, for instance—wait a few days to write your review and see if you encounter problems.

Hiring a service company to help you at home doesn’t have to be hard. Follow these steps to help ensure that the service company you hire to do work is reputable.  And remember—if you need help with home restoration following a large event such as a fire or flooding, call the experts at Paul Davis. We’re available 24/7 and our experienced professionals will help you get back into your home, fast.