Annual Mold Inspections Might Be Smart

Mold can cause big problems for your home or business. And with the unusually wet year we’ve had, mold has been given ample opportunities to grow. It’s not always easy to spot, though. That’s because mold not only grows in obvious places—like on your shower curtain—but it can also appear… Read more »

Old Man Winter Has Arrived

…And it appears that the 2018 winter months are going to feature a nationwide split between colder and wetter-than-average conditions in many parts of the northern tier U.S., while the southern tier states will experience warmer and drier-than-average conditions overall, according to The Weather Company, an IBM Business. In addition,… Read more »

Hoarding Cleanup Requires Compassion, Too

One of the most frustrating times of your life might just be the day you’re faced with helping a hoarder clean house. If you do find yourself dealing with a true hoarder, we think you’ll find these tips from hoarding experts to be especially helpful as you start to tackle… Read more »

Will Rising Optimism Affect Your Ability to Make New Hires?

Results of a recent survey among small-business (SB) owners revealed a startling departure from years past. The survey found 52 percent of SB owners are confident the U.S. economy will improve over the next 12 months — up 21 percent over a 2016 SB owner survey. Equally amazing, 60 percent… Read more »

Signs of Water Damage in Walls

No one wants to deal with water damage, and it can be especially disheartening to find water damage in your walls. This is because there are a number of things behind your walls that can be causing the damage—and finding the source of the problem can be costly. Unfortunately, in… Read more »

Garage Door Security Helps Prevent Break-Ins

No one wants to fall victim to a break-in. That’s why many home and business owners take so many precautions. From updating their window and door locks to installing security systems, most people take steps to keep their property safe. Unfortunately, they often forget to take similar precautions with their… Read more »

Troubleshooting Baseboard Heat Failures

Baseboard heaters are a popular choice for home and business owners as the weather gets colder. Not only are they an excellent alternative to their furnace cousins, but they can also save you a lot of money in terms of energy use. But that’s not to say baseboard heaters are… Read more »