Chubb Insurance & TODAY Show – Rossen Reports Team Up with Paul Davis on Winter Preparedness

Risk Consulting Technical Leader at Chubb, Jim Magliaro visited Paul Davis’ state of the art training facility, the “flood house”, to show people how to avoid bursting pipes this winter.

Household pipes burst more frequently in the winter due to water freezing and expanding in the pipes.

Paul Davis’ created a full-scale, fully-functional residential training structure to show people just how this happens, how to resolve it, and how to avoid it. The 1,700 square foot home has a full-size bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining area, and bathroom. It also includes furniture, appliances, a variety of flooring types, home décor, and electronics.

Jeff Rossen, national investigative correspondent for the TODAY Show teamed up with Jim at the “flood house” to provide viewers with easy tips on how to avoid pipes from bursting. Some of the tips include knowing how to shut off the valve under your sink, checking behind the refrigerator for puddles, replacing rubber hoses, insulating pipes, and knowing how to shut off your water main.  

Leslie Anderson, Head of Training at Paul Davis and Continuing Education Instructor for 45 States is an integral part of the training process at the flood house facility. The state of the art facility and trainers allow everyone involved in a disaster to be prepared when emergencies hit.

When Chubb called and asked to use The Paul Davis Training Center as the location for filming, I was thrilled. It was an opportunity for us to help our partners at Chubb, and homeowners across the nation to avoid these costly disruptions to their homes and lives, especially around the holidays. -Leslie Anderson