Traveling to the Center of a Disaster Enables Paul Davis to Exceed Expectations

Diego Mora is a manager, Emergency Services (Mitigation) with Paul Davis of South Bay, California. He’s also one of The Difference Makers™. When his location deployed to two disaster scenes in Texas and Louisiana, Mora packed his bags and quickly arrived where fast action was sorely needed. 

Mitigation and restoration work from devastating weather events kept Mora away from his home and family for two months. While the stint was difficult, Mora felt he and his colleagues truly helped disaster victims feel hope and stability again. We spoke with him about what it means to be a Paul Davis team member

PD: Why did you join Paul Davis?

DM: I’ve been in the industry for 15 years but never really found my place until I met with the owner here. He explained what Paul Davis is all about and I haven’t regretted a moment since I came on board two years ago.

PD: What do you do for Paul Davis? 

DM: It’s a little bit of everything, which makes the job interesting. I communicate with our construction and insurance partners. I manage teams in the field. I share knowledge, which I particularly enjoy.  I’ve learned how to do things faster and easier over the years and I like to pass that along so my technicians can excel and take on leadership roles. 

PD: What makes your job meaningful? 

DM: Often people we meet have never experienced anything like the disaster they are suddenly going through. They don’t know where to turn or what to do or how to move forward. And we do know what’s next, what to do. That is incredibly comforting to people who are experiencing the worst times in their lives. I get a real sense of accomplishment from being able to help them.

Paul Davis is seeking Different Makers like Diego Mora. If you are a professional who answers yes to the following questions, consider joining a smart, dynamic and dedicated team of people with a very high level of job satisfaction:

  • Are you driven to help others and fulfilled when you make a positive difference?
  • When things are tough, do you feel you can and will make things better?
  • Can you listen, empathize with and care for people who are facing difficulties?
  • Do you have a strong work ethic, a can-do mindset and an ability to problem-solve? 
  • Are you looking for a job that brings a sense of purpose and meaning?
  • Are you looking for exceptional colleagues who make the world a better place and wholeheartedly support one another?

Become a Difference Maker. Contact us today to learn more about how a career with Paul Davis can fulfill your professional and personal goals.