This Paul Davis Difference Maker Led a Team Through a Difficult Trauma Clean-Up

When a colleague reached out to Mary Carter on a weekend asking for emergency help, she was not on call but immediately hurried to the scene to pitch in anyway. There, she discovered that a tragedy had occurred: someone had died in the residence. Carter has had extensive experience with these traumatic situations. Her compassion, professionalism and leadership were exactly what was needed. She met with the crew, walked them through the procedures and assisted with the cleanup. 

Difference Maker Mary Carter is a lead mitigation technician at Paul Davis of Muskoka, Ontario. With Paul Davis for 5 years now, she wears a lot of hats at work in this close community: overseeing work crews, assigning tasks, training technicians and thoroughly documenting all work that takes place. She is also the certified health and safety representative for this office, so she routinely monitors job site safety and procedures. 

“I have a lot of certifications that support and guide what I do,” Carter explains. “Aside from my health and safety qualifications, I am officially certified to handle projects involving water damage, microbial growth and fire damage. My next goal is to train for the master fire technician certification. I have a particular interest and skill in this type of mitigation and restoration.”

Carter has a deep 23-year background in the restoration industry but she feels particularly at home with Paul Davis. Carter appreciates the shared mission statement and core values that drive each team member across the continent, no matter where they are based. She sees that joint ethos in action when visiting other locations. “I live by the core value, ‘take pride in what you do,’” she explains. “Nothing can compare to the satisfaction of seeing a homeowner get their home back in pre-disaster state. Most didn’t believe it could be done because it’s hard for them to see past the devastation. Fortunately, we can and I’m so proud to make that real for customers.”

Customers often call in to specifically thank Carter for her help. It’s not hard to see why. When one family with twins experienced a house fire, Carter left the two traumatized girls surprise gifts and personalized notes. She occasionally sees the girls’ dad at the grocery store and he never fails to mention how special she made his daughters feel. 

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