Commercial Fire Damage Requires Compassion and Speed for Emergency Mitigation

The fire, ignited by an electrical problem, burned hot. Raging flames rapidly gutted the family-owned pizza restaurant and burst through the roof. The owner, like many people who experience a disaster, was shocked and distraught. How would her business recover?

Mitigation and restoration after any fire requires a unique set of skills and experience. This is especially true when the damaged property is a commercial business. “A commercial fire causes widespread disruption,” says Nichole Hardy, Emergency Recovery Coordinator with Paul Davis of Portland/Vancouver. “A place of work, closing overnight, quickly plunges people into economic loss and emotional instability. Livelihoods are at risk. Income is threatened. A community is negatively affected. And, for a family business, a labor of love has been destroyed.”

Fortunately, Paul Davis specializes in knowing exactly what to do in terrible circumstances. They bring speed, knowledge, training and technical expertise, backed by a robust network of suppliers and partners. Hardy adds: “These four additional factors set Paul Davis apart for commercial fire restoration.” 

Our People: “We are very compassionate. We listen. We truly care. We take time to explain carefully and always tell the truth, because good communication and trust can’t exist without honesty. I told the restaurant owner, ‘Even if you don’t use Paul Davis, you can always call to ask a question or talk through a challenge. We’re here for you.’”

Our Leadership and Knowledge: “We help customers understand exactly what we can do to help. We shine a beacon through the chaos for the customer to follow, explaining what’s going to happen and what’s next. We often guide them through their insurance coverage and interface with their carrier. For the restaurant owner, for example, I explained that her policy may provide ‘loss of use’ coverage that compensates for the lack of income.” 

Our Capabilities: “The owner had a close friend she wanted to use for reconstruction. After seeing the damage, he told her: ‘I’am sorry, but we can’t do this.’ And he was right, there is a big difference between construction and fire restoration. It’s a unique skill set, a completely different approach on a much bigger scale.” Hardy explains: “I showed up with a few Paul Davis trucks on my first visit, ready to walk through the project immediately with technicians specifically trained to mitigate and restore fire-damaged structures.”

Our Reliability: “We showed up when we said we would, with the people we said we would bring, and did what we said we would do. Paul Davis gives shocked customers a solid foundation that they can count on to restore hope. So many things they had depended on became unpredictable overnight. We bring the certainty back.”