The Scariest 48 hours of My Life

“On a terrifying night almost two years ago, our son was stabbed six times and then rushed to the hospital,” says his mother Tomi Hooks. Tomi and her husband arrived as their son was being wheeled into surgery. The coming hours spent crying, hoping, praying and waiting were agony for this Paul Davis Technical Support Specialist and her family. This story explains how they survived, recovered and the gratitude they feel for the FirstService Relief Fund support that helped them through their nightmare.

Tomi and her husband were alerted on the night of Nov 20, 2021, by a call from their son. He was able to explain that he had been stabbed and was in the hospital. They rushed there. By the time they arrived emergency staff still did not know if he was going to make it. He was receiving blood transfusions and quickly being wheeled to surgery. “We had barely enough time to tell him how much we loved him and through tears say goodbye.” The fear of not knowing if he was going to make it was overwhelming.

“The following 48 hours were the scariest of my life,” says Tomi. For the next five days she barely left his side at the hospital. As any parent will attest, being helpless in such a situation is absoluting crushing. Then another surprise call offered support and a helping hand.

“One of my colleagues, a good friend at Paul Davis Restoration where we worked, reminded me about the FirstService Relief Fund.” The FirstService Relief Fund was created to help corporate employees, franchises and employees of those franchises who are facing financial hardship immediately after a natural disaster or an unforeseen personal hardship. The FirstService Relief Fund relies primarily on individual donations. Employees, franchises and employees of franchises make donations along with FirstService Corporation to offer aid. Administrative costs to maintain the fund are paid for by FirstService Corporation and 100% of individual donations are directed to those who qualify for a grant. 

Paul Davis headquarters took charge. They helped by promptly paying some of the Hooks’ medical bills that needed to be paid as soon as possible, while lawyers, the police, and victims’ advocacy groups were assuming their roles in gathering everything they needed to provide support, as well.

Tomi explains, “It was a relief to get that necessary financial aid for our son’s medical bills and the recovery care he needed to heal and return to normal. He is now healthy, happy and actually, now a part-time employee of Paul Davis.” The future looks ever brighter. He is poised to join the military and soon will be serving his country.

The Hooks can’t say enough about Paul Davis and the FirstService Relief Fund. “A wonderful program that we are all so grateful to have received during the scariest time of our lives.”