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Hurricane Safety Checklist

We’ve certainly seen some unusual hurricane weather this year. Because hurricanes can be life-threatening, it’s always good to be prepared when you live near a coastline. Unfortunately, most people don’t get ready for a hurricane until the last minute. Often this is because they didn’t know they were supposed to. Other people don’t know how

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Fall Season Update on Hurricane Threat

As you read this article we are now at the midpoint of the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season. So far the season has been peaceful, but regardless of how many storms develop this year, just one can disrupt thousands of lives in your area. Knowing your evacuation route, paying attention to alerts and, finally, listening and

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This is No Time for Second Best™

What do you value most? For most people the answer would be my family, my home, and my peace of mind. Anything that threatens family, home and peace of mind can turn our lives upside down. Paul Davis understands the emotional toll of disaster. Being experts at disaster cleanup and restoration, we are keenly aware

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Thinking Ahead: Having an Emergency Plan on Hand

There’s a wise adage often spoken about planning. Fail to plan, plan to fail. That’s important to keep in mind when considering the need for an emergency plan for your home or business. So once you’ve decided that an emergency plan is a good idea, the work ahead need not be intimidating. Start by considering

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