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Should You Consider Heating Your Home’s Basement?

It’s winter and that means one thing in most areas: it’s colder. Really colder in some places. And while we all know that heat rises, those of us who have basements can’t help but wonder — should we be heating our basement? Even if a basement is rarely used, it does seem to make sense

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HVAC Tune-Ups

It’s safe to say that practically every home and business requires heating, cooling, or both. And in the very coldest or very hottest periods, modern HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems are an absolute comfort necessity in our modern lives. HVAC systems operate with greatest efficiency and are trouble-free when routine maintenance is performed.

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Choosing the Right Paint Sheen

Painting your home is one of the easiest ways to update and beautify its look. However, it isn’t until you step into the paint or hardware store that you realize just how many choices you have. It’s not just the color – it’s also the paint sheen. Between flat or satin finish, eggshell or gloss,

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Make February Your Filter Replacement Month

If ever there was a time that winter blues really kick in, February is it — stuck in limbo between winter and spring. So we’ve come up with a way to help distract you from vacantly staring out the window, wishing for spring weather to arrive. Paul Davis is hereby announcing February as the winner

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