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Termite Protection: The Low-Cost Alternative

No homeowner wants to hear the dreaded words, “You have termites.” That’s because every year, termites cause millions of dollars in structural damage–and homeowners likely spend even more money trying to treat the problem. Most people don’t even realize they have termites until there is a swarm of them present or there is very apparent

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Fast Action Against Toaster Fires

Most people don’t think of their kitchens as dangerous places. However given the frequent use of electricity and gas, problems can arise. So when it comes to a kitchen fire, namely one in your toaster, it’s always best to be prepared for the worst-case scenario so that you can act swiftly and calmly. Doing so

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Space Heaters and Power Strips

Power strips are a highly sought after commodity. Available everywhere from home improvement stores to your local drug store, power strips are thought by many people to be safe for everyday use. While a power strip can be an excellent source of additional electricity, most users don’t pay much attention to the warnings or the

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Fun Facts About New Year’s Traditions

New Year’s Day rings in the year with boisterous celebrations and festivities, well-intended yet hard-to-keep resolutions, colorful parades and house parties and, of course, food and football. As the first national holiday of the new year, it has become a favorite of young and old, a time when families and friends can gather in hopes

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