Did You Know? Sparklers can reach up to 1800 degrees!

Watching fireworks is one of the best parts of a July 4th celebration, but thousands of people are injured each Independence Day due to firework burns. The safest thing you can do is to leave the pyrotechnics to the experts. However, if you choose to set them off yourself, remember… Read more »

Spring Property Tips from Paul Davis

Spring is a great time of year with many exciting seasonal changes including the budding of trees and flowers, longer days, and thawing of snow and ice. However, with seasonal changes come potential seasonal problems. Take a look at these simple steps to help you prevent property damage to your… Read more »

Happy First Day of Spring from Paul Davis

As predicted by the Old Farmer’s Almanac once again, this winter was the coldest and most brutal most of us have seen or will see in our lifetime, which is what makes today so exciting. Friday, March 20th is officially the end of winter for the Northern Hemisphere! Plus, it’s… Read more »

Beat the Cold With These Activities

As you heard from Punxsutawney Phil, winter and cold temperatures are not leaving anytime soon. If you’re like us, then you are impatiently waiting for spring to arrive; so we made a list of activities to help you have fun during this time of year. Here are Paul Davis’ favorite… Read more »

Two Most Common Home Damages Caused by Winter Weather

There are some types of home damage that can be difficult to avoid during winter. But do not fret, today we will talk about the two most common cold weather problems and how you can prevent them. Frozen pipes are by far one of the most common problems that homeowners… Read more »