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Just in Time for 2017 Holidays: 9 Cooking Safety Tips

Deep-fried turkey dangers. Before deep-frying a turkey, take time to view this safety video. http://www.foxnews.com/food-drink/2011/11/23/dangers-deep-fried-turkey.html Grease fires quickly get out of control. And often occur because someone leaves a frying pan on the stove unattended. Grease fires can quickly result in serious injury and extensive property damage. Have hot pads and oven mitts handy. Use

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Practicing Fireplace Safety

As the days turn colder there’s one thing we can’t ignore: winter is on the way. While there will be much to miss about the warm days of summer, there’s a lot to love about the cold season. Specifically, getting to use our fireplaces. Most homeowners don’t realize that it’s important to inspect their fireplaces

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Poison Control At Home

Is your home poison-proof? Many people consider their homes a safe space. While homeowners are often prepared for disasters like a fire or flooding, “poison” is not always top of mind. Certainly, materials like rat poison, chemical cleaners, and even unused paint should be stored in a space that can’t be accessed by children, but

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Disaster Planning Tips for Home and Work

Each September is designated as National Preparedness Month in the U.S., and this year’s theme centers on the fact that ‘Disasters don’t plan ahead. You can.’ And indeed you should! With this in mind, take a few minutes to read up on how best to plan and prepare for circumstances that we all hope don’t

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Backyard Pool Safety Tips

Many homeowners enjoy a swimming pool in their backyard. While these water-filled oases can provide a lot of relief during the hot summer months, they can also be a liability to homeowners. In fact, about 200 young people die every year in backyard pool-related accidents in the U.S. Make pool safety a priority at your

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