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Tips For Hiring Home Service Companies

Not every home service company is the same. So when you want to hire one to help you around your home, there are a few things to look for. We’ve pulled together a list of helpful tips to consider the next time you decide to hire a handyman or handywoman. It’s important to keep in

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Store Firewood Carefully to Avoid Termite Infestation

Most of us love the cozy warmth and sweet smells of a home fireplace or wood stove on cold winter days and evenings. But as we stack our winter supply of firewood nearby so that it’s convenient to bring inside over the winter months ahead, we would be wise to take three simple precautions to

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Is It Your Time for GFCI Electrical Outlets?

We all use electrical outlets. In fact, most of our lives revolve around them—at home and at work. And while we don’t give much thought to how we use electrical outlets, it’s an important thing to consider. Especially if your outlets are not GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interruption) outlets. But what is a GFCI outlet?

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Roof Inspections Get Tech Savvy

Many homes and businesses are affected by severe weather-related events. Often, claim inspections and settlements for policyholders following catastrophes do take time. Roofs are an exterior feature that often need replacing after a such disasters. And with new, more advanced technology now emerging, roof inspections are becoming easier than ever for companies like Paul Davis.

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Safety for Burning Brush at Your Home

Backyard burning is a popular autumn activity. And yet, there are many homeowners that don’t follow the basic rules of burning. There were 68,151 wildfires, which burned 10.1 million acres, in 2015 according to the National Interagency Fire Center. So before you burn any yard waste or debris this fall consider this advice. Know Local

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