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Garage Door Security Helps Prevent Break-Ins

No one wants to fall victim to a break-in. That’s why many home and business owners take so many precautions. From updating their window and door locks to installing security systems, most people take steps to keep their property safe. Unfortunately, they often forget to take similar precautions with their garages—where quite a few possessions

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Safety Tips For Showers

You might be surprised by the number of bathroom injuries that occur annually. Between wet, slippery floors and rugs that won’t stay put, thousands of nonfatal bathroom accidents occur every single year. A bathtub or shower can be especially dangerous, and most problems occur when we’re getting in and out of them. These tips are

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Learn How to Properly Use a Fire Extinguisher

Ever use a fire extinguisher? Most people haven’t, and therein lies the problem. Operation is simple and straightforward, but learning a bit about extinguishers and suppressing flames now is a very good idea. Think of today as the ideal time to start learning. Fires with different fuel sources burn differently. Wood, cloth and paper are

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Halloween Safety Tips for the Children

Children love Halloween. And it’s no surprise. Between dressing up in costumes, classroom parties and lots of candy, what’s not to love? But it’s also important that children remain safe during Halloween festivities. That’s why we pulled together some tips on how to make this Halloween both fun and safe for your child. WHEN IT

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How To Safely Bypass Demonstrations

We live in an uncertain world. It seems like every day there is a news report regarding a demonstration that took place. While many demonstrations are peaceful, they can also turn violent. An angry mob of people is no more fun to deal with than a natural disaster such as a flood or a tornado.

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