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How Schools Boost Cleaning and Disinfecting During COVID 

With students and teachers across North America returning to school, experts reported welcome information in early fall: rates of infection at schools appear to be below that found in surrounding communities. While that may change as data accumulates and schools continue sessions, every interested party – teachers, parents, students, administrators… Read more »

Learning Best Safety Practices as Retail Stores Reopen

Learning Best Safety Practices as Retail Stores Reopen

When the pandemic upended life in March, retailers fell into two groups: those that remained open and those that closed suddenly. As “non-essential” retail stores darkened, “essential” mass merchants, home improvement chains, grocers and drugstores took a crash course in safeguarding employees, business health and customers as they worked and… Read more »

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Condo and Apartment Properties Face Precautionary Issues as Common Areas Reopen

Normal Cleaning and COVID-19 Cleaning Are Worlds Apart

Researchers know dirty little secrets about the haphazard cleaning habits of ordinary citizens. Forty percent of people, for example, can’t remember when they scrubbed the refrigerator. A quarter can’t recollect washing the bed linens. What’s more, they know they’re slouches at upkeep: one in four believes they don’t clean properly… Read more »

Post-COVID-19 Operation How-To Guide for Commercial Properties

For commercial properties operating in the new normal, business is no longer as usual. Uncertainty is a certainty. Change is rapid. Familiar procedures may no longer apply. Advice varies. Paul Davis is a leader that building owners, property managers, and employers need to navigate these difficult times and build new, responsive operations.… Read more »