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Water, Fire, Mold Damage?

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Flood Damage Restoration

There can be many causes of water or flood damage. Broken pipes, natural disasters, and leaking or overflowing appliances are known to cause flooding. Paul Davis Restoration covers your , home 24/7 water and flood damage restoration. To ease the stress of dealing with water damage, we work with your insurance company.

Immediately Call Us

When flood and water damage takes over your home, don’t hesitate to take immediate action. By speaking to our restoration experts at Paul Davis Restoration in , , you’ll get an immediate response. Acting swiftly is crucial because the longer water sits, the more damage is caused. Mold growth can make health issues develop. If you speak to Paul Davis Restoration sooner, there will be less damage to your home.

Evaluation of Your Home

When we arrive, we will immediately evaluate the obvious damage done to your home and get started on a damage assessment. Before beginning our work, we will provide you with an appraisal of the pricing of restoration. Our , technicians are very knowledgeable in water and flood damage renovation, so we can give you the most correct estimate possible.

Excess Water Removal

When we wrap up calculation of the damage, we will begin removal of the standing water. To suck as much water as we can out of your home, we will use pumps and vacuum units. This procedure will accelerate the drying time and reduce the probability of dangerous mold growth. Hidden moisture in your floors, ceilings and walls will be detected by our high quality hygrometers.


Just because the large amounts of water have been removed from your home, this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s completely dry. We may need to replace carpets to prevent excess harm to the sub floor. To ensure a quicker drying process, our , experts will use dehumidifiers or air movers. To prevent unhealthy mold growth, we want to ensure we are as detailed and thorough as possible. We will observe the drying process continually to make certain that you have a dry and clean home.

Cleaning and Sanitizing Your Home

When your home has been affected by water or flood damage, bad odors can stick around. Your upholstery, furniture, clothing or other personal belongings may require odor removal. Using sanitizing and disinfecting products, we will remove bad odors, including those in your carpets and carpet pads. We will use our antibacterial germ treatment and antimicrobial mold growth treatment to make sure your , home is clean, dry and safe.

Final Restoration

The last thing we will do to make you feel at home again is a rebuilding procedure. This can be minor, such as replacing carpet, drywall, or repainting. More major restoration may include reconstructing areas of your home. Call up the experts in , when your home has water damage. When you live in a home with water damage, we will help you alleviate some of the stress.

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