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Water Spots – How New Are They? – Learn by Taking These Steps

One of the more common problems a house can sustain is water damage. As water damage restoration professionals, Paul Davis understands the complications that water damage causes, especially when it isn’t in sight. Your residence has pipes running throughout it, this includes the inside of your walls and ceilings. If these pipes leak or have condensation on them, they can gradually deteriorate your walls and ceilings. One of the more frustrating aspects to this is checking whether or not the water damage is new or old.

It’s challenging to find out how old the the damage caused by water is for these spaces that aren’t visible. Though, you could have a pipe that’s been slightly leaking for a period of time but because it’s not in plain sight, you don’t know how long. There’s no way to indicate the precise time of the problem, but there are approaches to estimate the age of the water damage.

A Guide On Water Damage – Learn about its Time Frame

You can find out whether your water damage is old or new by using these tips:

  • History of the House: An older home could already have some previous water damage, so it’s important to keep track of what’s there and to note if the damage changes over a period of time. Keeping track of the weather is a great idea too, since, if you have a modest leak, it can take awhile for a water spot to surface. Taking note of your water damages can save you a lot of hassle when diagnosing whether the damage caused from water is new or old.
  • Touch the Spot: You’ll be able to indicate whether your water damage is old or new just by feeling it. An old spot will be squishy because the material has absorbed a good amount of water. A new spot will be moist, but the material will have a solid feel to it.
  • Look for Rings: Remember how rings on a tree indicate the age of the tree? The same idea can be used towards spots generated by water. An old water spot will have rings around it. They will also be shaded differently because the spot gets soaked then dries and gets soaked again then dries again, etcetera. A new spot will be dark with no rings around it.
  • Examine the Materials: Materials such as tiles and thick paint can trap water and moisture, so if you have a spot produced by water leaking through one of these, this can indicate there’s been water lingering for awhile. Being aware of the materials can help you address your water damage problems more efficiently.
  • Mold Inspection: If you find that bacteria is there, the damage generated by water has been there for about two to three days.
  • Decomposition: Your material won’t deteriorate from the first situation of damage generated by water. And if there has been decay, this means your material has been susceptible to persistent standing water or flooding.

Water Damage Repair Technicians – Get in Touch with Paul Davis

For all your water damage restoration emergencies, contact Paul Davis. If there’s a pipe dripping that you can’t find, it’s essential to call a professional. The expert team at Paul Davis has the industry knowledge and response time required to maintain your residence. To find a local franchise near your area, give us a call at 888-473-7669 and we’ll get an expert to come help you.

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