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Water Spots – How New Are They? – Learn by Taking These Steps

When you have backed-up bathtubs, toilets or sinks that overflow, it’s obvious that you’re in need of water damage repair. Nonetheless, your house can sustain water damage in ways that aren’t as straightforward. Because you have plumbing running all over your property, you can have a leaky pipe or a buildup of condensation between your ceilings and walls. It’s an inconvenient circumstance since this isn’t in sight- you won’t recognize it until you there’s water damage, and then it’s hard to diagnose how long the issue has persisted.

Since the pipes are hidden, you can get an estimate of how long you’ve had water complications by evaluating the water damage itself. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find out an exact timeline, but we have some advice on how to examine the damage so you can come up with an estimated time on how long you’ve had water in the damaged space.

Tips On Damage Produced by Water – Establish its Age

The following step-by-step process can help you judge whether your water damage is new or old:

  • History of the House: An old house may already have some previous damage provoked from water, so it’s fundamental to keep track of what’s there and to note if the damage alters over a period of time. Keeping track of the weather is a good idea as well, since, if you have a a slow leak, it can take some time for a spot to appear. Taking note of your water damages can save you lots of time when finding out whether your water damage is new or old.
  • Touch the Spot: You’ll can determine whether your water damage is new or old just by touching it. An old spot is going to be soft since the material has absorbed a fair amount of water. A new spot is going to be wet, however, the material will still have a solid feel to it.
  • Look for Rings: If you see just a dark spot with zero rings around it, this demonstrates that the water damage is new. Old water damage will have rings around it, and like trees, the more rings indicates the age. Different colored and shades of rings exhibits that the area has been saturated, dried, saturated, dried, etc.
  • Examine the Materials: Materials such as tiles and thick paint can actually trap water, so when you have a water spot seeping through one of these, this can indicate there’s been water lingering for awhile. Knowing the materials can help you focus on your water damage issues more effectively.
  • Mold Inspection: If you see that bacteria, or mold, is there, the water damage has lingered for approximately two to three days.
  • Rot: Rotting material means that your water damage is either occurring consistently or that it’s serious because there’s standing water. A first case of water damage typically won’t cause rot.

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When you’re having water damage complications, Paul Davis is here to assist you. It’s essential to fix any leaks in your house prior to the damage becoming more serious. Our water damage repair experts can detect dripping pipes and fix your house back to normal no matter how big or small the job is. Reach out to us now at 888-473-7669 and a local franchise is there to assist you.

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