Message from the CEO

Rich-Wilson As an organization that has such a large impact in the communities we serve, Paul Davis has a mandate to give back. It is inspiring to see examples throughout our network of franchisees who are already engaged in community events that serve to promote the wellbeing of others. This was no more evident than with the rapid response to the Hurricanes in Texas and Florida. The swift manner in which our organization mobilized was nothing short of amazing! Beyond these highly publicized events, I know there are many other social causes we support that remain unseen. Because service is in our DNA, we want to shine a light on all of our activities. Paul Davis fully supports this FirstService initiative and I encourage each our entire network to get involved.

The Social Purpose Calendar highlights all of the great local and grassroots events by Paul Davis, its franchisees, and each of our sister companies. The calendar is a common platform to share events/activities that contribute to Social Good. Please visit our Social Purpose Calendar to see the upcoming events across FirstService Brands and find out how you can get involved!

I am also excited to announce the creation of the FirstService Relief Fund (FRF). We recognize that there are times when many of our own people are the ones who are in need of help. As an organization, we want to be there to support you in your time of time. The FRF has been created to help employees who are facing financial hardship or some unforeseen personal hardship. The FRF relies primarily on individual donations from employees with some initial funding by the company. Every contribution helps and when combined with the donations of others, can provide the help a co-worker needs when they are facing the unexpected. FirstService has spearheaded this incredible effort that will be available to all employees, franchise owners and employees of franchisees who require emergency funding and meet specific grant criteria.

I am very excited about The Paul Davis Social Purpose Initiative! I cannot stress enough the pride I have in our brand, my enthusiasm for our future, and my appreciation for each of you.

We Are…Paul Davis!

-Rich Wilson
President and CEO