Paul Davis Ever. Green.

A history, a future, a legacy around sustainability

Paul Davis Transforms, through green technologies that are environmentally responsible. At Paul Davis we know that our actions today have a direct impact on future generations. Our long-term commitment to environmental responsibility has always been at the very core of our business. Sustainability for us means meeting the needs of present conditions while enhancing the lives of our customers. Our company has always had a commitment to restore and make better the buildings, places, communities, and lives that we touch. Thus, we take it to heart that through our work, our customers’ lives, the environment, and perhaps a small piece of society have been meaningfully and measurably restored and improved.

We call our commitment to sustainability, Paul Davis – Ever. Green. It represents our company’s past history, present commitment, and future aspiration to do what we can to be a company of restorative practices.

Paul Davis Cleaning Products

Paul Davis is pleased to provide environmentally responsible chemistry to our residential and commercial clients. Our line of Paul Davis cleaning products use “green” ingredients to perform cleaning tasks during property damage restoration jobs more effectively than traditional products while minimizing the impact on environmental and human health. For more information regarding the composition of our cleaning products line, please read our ingredient disclosure statement.