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Ways to Prevent the Need for Storm Damage Repairs

Fast winds can be an annoyance for the structure of your house. If the wind gusts get fierce, they can cause create havoc like stripping the roof of your house. When homes are constructed, the roofs are made primarily to withstand normal wind conditions in your area. Yet, if the gusts of wind are fierce, your roof can only withstand so much to stay unharmed. For populations that reside in wind prone areas like hurricane-prone towns on the East Coast or Tornado Alley, this is a hazard. As a distinguished storm damage restoration company, Paul Davis has an extensive background in roof maintenance during the storm season, and we understand how roofs are afflicted during heavy winds.

Why Are Roofs Ripped Off During Violent Wind Conditions?

Having a solid and durable roof for a big storm is the best way to be at ease. Although it cannot be made certain, there are ways to give your roof a a chance against storms. Understanding storms and how they impact your property is the most effective in understanding how to deter your roof from blowing off.

The atmospheric pressure below the roof is an important role here. If the wind is able to get inside your house from an unsealed door, or if flying debris breaks a window, this will generate a high-pressure scenario inside and it will push against your roof. Then you’ll have a push from inside the house and a suction pulling from above the roof. This tug-of-war is how tiles get blown off, or in the worst scenario, your roof tears away from the rest of the house.

We recommend you keep windows and doors closed at all times in the event of extreme weather conditions. Boarding up your windows prior to the wind storm can minimize damage. It used to be a standard practice to open doors and windows during a storm, but that idea has been disproved to prevent roof damage. Secure windows can stop them from breaking and allowing wind in. Factors like the height of your house and the angles of your roof can also influence how heavy winds affect it.

How to Ward Off Damage to Your Roof

Having your roof analyzed for damaged points and areas of concern that can be repaired a head of time will help mitigate wind damage when a storm strikes. Eliminating any point of entry for the wind means you can avoid damage to your roof during the storm. Precautionary steps might take up some time but the bonus of an intact roof is worthwhile. A roof that has been analyzed and fixed accordingly stands a better chance to combat extreme wind conditions.

Yet, we understand that there’s only so much you can do and the forces of Mother Nature always surprise us. Whenever your roof degrades to any type of storm damage, then reach out to Paul Davis for expert storm damage restoration services. We can restore your home back to its normal condition in a timely manner. Contact Paul at 888-473-7669 to find a franchise in your area.

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