A Stomach Ache Requires Major Surgery and Lengthy Recovery

Pam B. is a Contents Technician for Paul Davis Restoration. In this important role, she is tasked with going into people’s homes or places of business following a disaster such as a flood or fire and salvaging whatever contents she can. Items are carefully compiled and taken to a facility to be dried out or cleaned up and packed away until they can be returned to their owners. It’s emotional work, often carried out in the presence of family members and children who are often in shock and coping with significant losses — financial and sentimental. It is also physically demanding work, requiring her to pack and lift heavy items.

Last fall Pam experienced stomach pain, and upon a visit to the doctor discovered she had gallstone pancreatitis, requiring her to spend three days in the hospital and miss a week of work. Ultimately her condition necessitated surgery to remove her gallbladder which meant an even longer layup – 6 weeks off work followed by several weeks of light duty.

During this time Pam was able to collect on her unemployment insurance plan which paid just a portion of her usual income. So while managing the pain associated with post-op recovery, Pam was also concerned about not falling behind on her expenses and day-to-day necessities such as rent and food.

Fortunately, her supervisor introduced her to the FirstService Relief Fund, and because Pam’s condition was considered a “Qualified Event” under terms of the Fund, she was awarded a grant to help her through her financial difficulties.

“I am so lucky to work for a company that really cares about its people and I am grateful to all of those who have donated to the Fund,” said Pam. “The process to apply for a grant was very straightforward and my advice to anyone applying is to make sure you understand the documentation requirements. This makes the entire process move more quickly.”

Pam is back to work and getting stronger every day. We wish her well in her recovery and encourage anyone who may be facing financial difficulties to look into the Fund and see if you qualify for a grant. The more money we collect the more people we are able to help so if you haven’t already established recurring payroll donations or made a one-time donation, please consider doing so. Unforeseen events can happen to any of us at any time so having access to a lifeline like the Fund can make a big difference in your life.

To learn more about how the Relief Fund helps the people of FirstService Corporation, click here.