Paul Davis of Tacoma, WA, is Open and Operating

New owners Jason and Jennifer Hardy of Paul Davis of Tacoma, WA, are excited to join the Pnew aul Davis Family! Both Jason and Jennifer are originally from the west. They have been in North Carolina for the past 15 years and just recently relocated to Washington to open their… Read more »

New Office: Paul Davis of Palm Beach County, FL

New owner George Couto has acquired Paul Davis of Palm Beach County, FL, from Michael Edwards and Sharon Carothers, and is thrilled to be part of the Paul Davis Family! When he was first introduced to the idea of owning a Paul Davis Franchise in early 2021, he quickly realized that the… Read more »

Celebrate National Preparedness Month in September

As September arrives, we anticipate new seasonal events while thermometers moderate and leaves turn. Paul Davis urges everyone to prepare for unanticipated events, too, during this annual National Preparedness Month: disasters.  “This year’s theme is ‘Prepare to Protect. Preparing for disasters is protecting everyone you love,’” advises Leslie Anderson, Vice… Read more »

Do Your New Appliances Overtax Your Electrical Service?

Unobtrusively mounted on the wall in a garage, basement or laundry room, your electrical panel – also known as a breaker box – may be easy to forget but it’s a critical piece of equipment that quietly handles a very important task.  “The panel manages the electricity that your power… Read more »

Paul Davis Employs Matterport technology for Apartment Arson Fire

Paul Davis is always on the lookout for innovative technology to support its restoration and mitigation activities. Sometimes, new technology makes a remarkable impact on a project, its partners and the community. “At one fire scene in our community, Matterport digital technology significantly assisted a range of onsite – and… Read more »

Paul Davis Supports Our Local Communities

Fall is just around the corner! Paul Davis is pitching in across North America as the weather cools, advancing worthy causes by volunteering our people, equipment, time and expertise. Our employees gave back to a diverse range of charitable causes recently to support the communities in which they live and… Read more »

Paul Davis Restoration is Among Top 100 Best Companies to Work For

Paul Davis Restoration, Inc. (franchisor), based in Jacksonville, Florida, was recently named one of Florida’s Best Companies To Work For. The annual Best Companies To Work For In Florida list is featured in the August issue of Florida Trend magazine. One hundred companies are ranked in small, medium and large… Read more »

New Office: Paul Davis of South San Diego County, CA

New owners Manuel and Mildred Martinez are excited to inform you about the opening of their new office Paul Davis of South San Diego County, CA! Manuel and Mildred have been married for a little over 19 years and have two children: Yaremi (20) attends San Diego State University and… Read more »