Paul Davis Social Responsibility In Our Local Communities

As summer launches, our team members continue to lend a charitable hand across North America. Here is where our people donated time, enthusiasm and skills in their communities to support those who need extra help.  Donating to the Fire Service: Paul Davis, Lethbridge, Alberta, pledged $10,000 to the Stirling Fire… Read more »

Ignored Attics Pose Numerous Home Safety Issues

Jane and Pedro loved their renovated Victorian within walking distance to shops and an independent movie theater. But a dark and unknown territory lurked overhead: the attic. The only access was a small panel in the guest bedroom closet that required a ladder to reach. Odd sounds drifted from above… Read more »

Ponding Water on Commercial Roofs Brings Spring and Summer Damage

“Flat roofs make sense for office buildings, manufacturing, malls and larger structures,” explains Darren Impson, President of Paul Davis of Tampa, Florida. “They cover bigger expanses, economize on materials and take up less space than peaked designs. But don’t skip regular inspection and maintenance after winter ends and as summer… Read more »

Don’t Ignore Signals that Your Plumbing System is Sick

We twist the faucet handle, press start on the dishwasher or turn on the hose. Presto, water gushes forth. It’s a familiar result that reliably happens dozens of times every day and we don’t think about it very much, if at all. Big plumbing issues, however, often send early, subtle… Read more »

Boarding Up: A Job for Professionals

Fire damage, a severe storm, a vehicle impact, vandalism, even a single window punctured by a falling tree limb – all of these events may force an owner to quickly board up part or all of a structure, either temporarily or for a lengthy period. “Sometimes,” says Mickey McHenry, President… Read more »

Paul Davis West San Fernando Valley, CA, is Open & Operating

We are excited to introduce you to the New Owners of Paul Davis of West San Fernando Valley, CA, Arman Davidagayan, Art Isaghooli, and Daren Galestian. Welcome to the Paul Davis family! Arman, Art, and Deren are thrilled to begin this new venture! They were first introduced to the prospect… Read more »

Paul Davis of Eastern Ohio is Open and Operating

We are thrilled to announce that Paul Davis of Eastern Ohio, located in Youngstown, OH, is now open and operating. Congratulations to Owner Paul Finney and his team of Difference Makers! Welcome to our Paul Davis family! Paul Finney Paul grew up in northeastern Ohio. In 1999, he moved to… Read more »

Paul Davis of West Los Angeles, CA, is Open & Operating

The Grammers were first introduced to the prospect of owning a Paul Davis Franchise in early 2021. The professional development and comprehensive display of clear Paul Davis values allowed the Grammers to envision their next exciting business venture. Harry & Yana Grammer Before joining Paul Davis, Harry, and Yana founded… Read more »

Paul Davis Social Responsibility in Our Local Communities

As spring continues, our team members are volunteering across North America. Here is where our people donated time, enthusiasm and skills in their communities to support those who need a helping hand.  Giving Blood: The Paul Davis Great Toronto Area West Group partnered with Canadian Blood Services for the third… Read more »