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In Memory of Our Founder Paul W. Davis

“Our offices are a bit somber this morning,” said Rich Wilson, President and CEO of Jacksonville-based Paul Davis Restoration Inc on Friday, June 14th. “We learned today of the passing of our founder Paul Woodall Davis at the age of 92. I am so pleased that I got to visit him… Read more »

Difficult Mold Remediation Solutions with Paul Davis Expertise

Because Paul Davis mitigates and restores property damage from many different disasters across North America, the company maintains high levels of technical expertise across diverse disciplines. In many cases, these pros, particularly in regional disaster situations, become valuable resources to officials, insurance carriers and emergency responders. Matthew Morgan, a remediation… Read more »

Protecting Beloved Family Pets From Flood Threats

Dogs wag in our houses, cats bask in our apartments, canaries sing in our kitchens – this resident menagerie makes us better people. Study after study prove that sharing our lives with animals boosts mental and physical health. And oh boy, are we sharing with the frisky set: according to… Read more »

Active Claim Management – A Benefit that Paul Davis Delivers

Technology is radically transforming businesses everywhere and it’s no surprise that insurance companies are in the thick of this radical evolution. One of the most affective uses they have found for technology is to centralize and standardize the management and oversight of the claims process. Paul Davis is innovating right… Read more »

Reducing the Risk of Commercial Kitchen Fires

When a three-alarm fire swept through a famous comedy club, investigators suspected typical culprits: table candles, smoldering cigarettes, hot stage lighting. The actual spark? Accumulated grease in ductwork venting a commercial kitchen several floors away. Flames flared to life above the fire suppression system, shot from roof vents and swiftly… Read more »

Water Damage? In a Day or Two Mold Can Take Hold

Water Damage? In a Day or Two Mold Can Take Hold

A drip here. A drip there. That water can add up and do more damage than you might think. Not only does this lead to the hassle of getting it cleaned up, repairing any other damage and replacing any home items impacted, but it can get worse. In a day… Read more »