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On-Site Service Providers Need To Safely Adapt To A COVID-19 World

Before COVID-19, onsite contractors at businesses and homes were common visitors welcomed with little thought about effects to employees and family. In our new normal, contractor visits raise thorny questions. Will incoming workers keep my people safe? Are these outside technicians healthy? Will I feel comfortable when they work here?… Read more »

Businesses Should Always Have Quick Access to Proper Fire Extinguishers

Businesses Should Always Have Quick Access to Proper Fire Extinguishers

After the fire marshal evaluated the charred remains of a popular women’s clothing store, he delivered news that compounded the owner’s distress. Even if employees had discovered the smoke earlier, tools for quenching the smoldering materials were likely useless: the fire extinguishers had expired. He advised the owner to contact… Read more »

Paul Davis Commercial Teams Provide Big Box Stores with COVID-19 Cleanup

Many non-essential stores have closed at least temporarily during the COVID-19 crisis but essential retailers are busier than ever. Grocery stores and big box locations have experienced a particularly dramatic surge in traffic and sales. Most have extended hours, increased stocking and ordering, and boosted staff work time. Customer behavior… Read more »

7 Sound Steps to Safer Construction Sites

An empty soda bottle rolling around a job site seems like a small problem, but it’s a big liability when a worker trips over it and breaks an arm. Construction sites can be dangerous places for all kinds of reasons large and obvious, as well as soda-bottle-small and seemingly unimportant.… Read more »

The Importance of Rapid Mold Remediation

Soaked furnishings, wet wallboard and sodden carpets form a heartbreaking tableau of very personal disaster after water damages a home. Mustering energy to take action is difficult but it’s important to realize that mold rapidly threatens after water recedes. “Mold flourishes anywhere it finds good conditions for growth,” explains Leslie… Read more »

Oily Paint Rags Create Significant Fire Hazards

You’re building your home or remodeling and you can’t wait for work to finish so you can move in and enjoy it. One final job on most sites is painting. Painting can beautifully transform the look and feel of your home. But don’t let your paint job lead to something… Read more »

Fast and Furious Tornadoes – Best Steps Now and Then

Fast and Furious Tornadoes – Best Steps Now and Then

Most of the world’s tornadoes rampage across the central United States in what’s known as Tornado Alley, stretching from west Texas to North Dakota. In an average year, more than 200 tornadoes touch down across this unique flat topography that violently introduces cool dry air from Canada to warm moist… Read more »

Time to Update Your Company’s Emergency Preparedness Plan

Time to Update Your Company’s Emergency Preparedness Plan

Emergencies can happen anytime, any place. If there is a fire, a safety incident, or another emergency at your company, what happens next? Emergencies are always stressful, so an educated team that is prepared for next steps can make the entire experience safer and prevent the risk of property damage… Read more »