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The Shifting Tornado Threat for 2019

Blasting cornstalks through vehicles and wooden splinters into iron fire hydrants, tornadoes are ferocious freaks of nature that ruin lives and destroy property while racking up enormous damage costs. As we listen to the news during spring storm season, we assume that most twisters touch down in traditional Tornado Alley:… Read more »

Top Nine Ways to Protect Your Home from Severe Winds

Severe windstorms, dubbed Big Blows by Pacific Northwest locals, strike Washington and Oregon regularly, driving powerful gusts to incredible speeds of nearly 140 miles per hour. While the East Coast isn’t afflicted as frequently, another Washington – D.C., this time – took a harrowing turn in the wind tunnel in… Read more »

How to Avoid Wind Damage to Your Home or Business

How to Avoid Wind Damage to Your Home or Business

One of the mightiest forces on our planet, tornadoes wreak outlandish damage, completely devastating some areas while leaving other bizarrely untouched. Snapshots of a tornado’s after-effects can be hard to believe. An unbroken record is shoved halfway into a telephone pole. A tie rack rests 40 miles away from its… Read more »