Spotting Roof Deterioration

Roof deterioration is a major issue that many face every year. Roof deterioration can be caused by large storms, wind or hail. The wind pulls the shingles up, curling them or completely removing them from a roof. When shingles pull away, both that part of the roof and the house underneath is susceptible to water damage. Hail can remove the small granules on the roof that protect it from sun damage.

If a roof is showing signs of damage, first walk around the roof and take notes or photographs of any visible damage. Signs of damage include dented, missing, curled, or torn shingles. However, shingles are not the only part of the roof that is at risk.

In addition to the roof’s shingles, check windows, gutters, edges and other parts of the roof for damage. Unfortunately, not all roof damage is visible. Hidden roof damage may be in the form of small leaks and such, invisible to the naked eye.

To check for hidden damage, the next time it rains, check the roof for leaks. If any part of the roof shows signs of deterioration, call a trusted contractor that is capable of fixing roofs immediately.

-From Your Friends at Paul Davis