Paul Davis of Southeast Puget Sound, WA, is Open & Operating

Keith Burney –Owner | (206)-880-2438 We’re thrilled to share the exciting news that Keith Burney and his dedicated team have officially launched Paul Davis of Southeast Puget Sound in Washington state as of March 28, 2024. Situated snugly between Paul Davis of Seattle and Paul Davis of Tacoma,… Read more »

What Keeps Small Business Owners Awake at Night?

According to the US Chamber’s 2023 Small Business Survey, the top three small business concerns are currently, inflation, supply chain disruptions, and revenue growth. This should come as no surprise. After the past two years high, and then even higher compounding, inflation is a troublesome headache which doubled over the past… Read more »

Know When and Why to Clean Your Home HVAC Ducts

Springtime house cleaning often brings to mind the question… should I have ductwork in my home inspected and cleaned professionally? But is it really necessary? Experts have a lot to say about whether it’s really a good idea. When you see dust buildup around the supply vents in your home… Read more »

Food Service Businesses Face Serious Hazards Every Day

There are more than one million restaurants in the United States. From the fanciest, white tablecloth dining, to casual restaurants, bars, cafes, diners, food trucks, grills, and numerous fast food outlets, the U.S. food service industry is robust, employing over 12 million people. As one of the nation’s top private… Read more »

How to Know When Your Home Needs More Electrical Capacity

“Our modern homes use 14 times more electricity than homes used in 1950,” says John Gugliotta, President of Paul Davis Restoration of Boston South, Boston Metro West, and Rhode Island. “The trend is obvious for most homeowners who don’t reside in a new home: electricity needs have outgrown the capacity that… Read more »

What Are The Odds That Your Home Will Suffer Property Damage in 2024?

Will your home be the one in 20 that files an insurance property damage claim in 2024? “Wind and hail are top property damage causes, followed by water and freezing,” explains Mickey McHenry, President, Paul Davis Restoration of South Atlanta, Central Georgia, Northeast Georgia, and Lanier Isles. “House fires are… Read more »