Paul Davis Completes Mold Remediation for Major University Sports Arena

Every school year, wildly enthusiastic crowds throng college sports arenas to cheer on favorite teams. When flash flood waters breached a major midwestern university’s sports facility recently, it’s an understatement to say that people were concerned and disappointed about impacts on the season. As soon as officials shut the doors… Read more »

Commercial Decontamination Protection During Cold and Flu Season

It seems like everyone you know is battling a bad cold as the holidays approach. Did everyday contagions become bionic while we socially distanced during the pandemic? Nope, the viruses aren’t different. We are.  During the pandemic isolation, we disrupted the normal waves of viral contagion that would ordinarily take… Read more »

Weather Disruptions to Your Business – Take Steps to Minimize Revenue Loss

Last year, the Pineapple Express arrived in the Pacific Northwest and it was not a sweet visit. This cleverly named “atmospheric river” funneled moisture continuously from the ocean to drop it over land, dumping historic rainfall on British Columbia and neighboring Washington State. The precipitation amount and thundering intensity stunned… Read more »

Paul Davis Social Responsibility in Our Local Communities

Paul Davis team members are wrapping up a warmer weather flurry of volunteerism! Our people have donated time, enthusiasm and skills in their communities to support those who need an extra helping hand. Here’s where we made a difference recently: Helping Indiana Nonprofit Organizations: Team members from Paul Davis of… Read more »

When You Lead From the Front You Become a Paul Davis Difference Maker

Craig Wilson is a Reconstruction Project Manager with Paul Davis of Greater Baltimore, Maryland. He frequently helms large reconstruction jobs that tally more than a million dollars in damages inflicted by fire, floods, wind, storms and mold. As a supervisor, he firmly believes in “leading from the front”: grabbing his… Read more »

For Storm Damage, Always Hire a Professional for Assessment

Alabama headlines the weather news often. Severe storms roll through very regularly and Alabama residents are familiar with blue tarps covering missing roofs, displaced neighbors and ongoing construction. The state sits squarely in the very active “Dixie Alley” tornado risk zone, accompanied by Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Georgia. A Northern… Read more »

Preventing Chemical Spills in Your Workplace

“On a recent project for an excavating company, we restored a warehouse heavily damaged by a gasoline explosion,” says Brent Thompson, President of Paul Davis of the Golden Triangle, Mississippi. “An employee was working after hours on the gas tank of a truck and a spark ignited this very flammable… Read more »