We Fix Flood Damage

Flood damage occurs differently than general water damage, so it is cleaned up, treated and reported to insurance companies differently. If you have experienced flooding, you need a restoration company that understands the difference, so your property is taken care of properly. Paul Davis Restoration is your local, flood damage cleanup and flood damage restoration experts.

Flooding is categorized as rising and overflowing water onto typically dry areas, and tends to be a result of storms in one form or another. Flooding requires immediate action to protect property and ensure your home or business can be restored to its original state with minimal damage or disruption to your life. You can trust Paul Davis Restoration to immediately respond to flooding emergencies, helping to prevent long-term damage and ensure a well-restored property.

Do I Need an Expert Flood Damage Repair Person?

Flooding is rarely something you can plan for, and even if you have the chance to secure your personal belongings from being subject to a flood, there is still the structure of your property that can sustain a tremendous amount of damage. In addition to the immediate damage that floods cause, there are long-term consequences to take into consideration. Since water damage is only a component of flooding, you face more than just mold growth. Issues like damage to the structural integrity of your home or business, broken windows and shifting walls are also problems that Paul Davis Restoration takes care of.

Along with dealing with the damage repair and restoration work, you also have extensive cleaning and removal of debris to handle. Fortunately, Paul Davis Restoration handles this as well. From clean-up and removal to complete restoration services, our technicians take care of every possible problem that arises.

Causes of flooding can include:

  • Storm Surges
  • A Lack of Vegetation
  • Melting Ice and Snow
  • Heavy Rains
  • Overflowing Rivers
  • Broken Dams
  • Urban Drainage Basins

Our Flood Damage Services

Flooding and flood damage is typically associated with storms, and some areas of the country are more susceptible to this instigator. No matter what you need flood damage restoration and clean up, Paul Davis is ready to help. We are the nation’s leading emergency disaster recovery and restoration company. With offices coast to coast, we have a team in your area trained to handle any event you’re facing. Your local Paul Davis Restoration technicians provide around-the-clock flood damage cleanup and repair services. As an added benefit to you, we work with insurance companies to lessen the burden that accompanies flood damage restoration services. We will also assist with any residual damage to your property from a flood that was never dealt with.

Our flood damage restoration services include:

  • Comprehensive assessment of the scope of work required to restore your property
  • Complete cleanup
  • Removal of damaged items and debris
  • Excess water removal
  • Drying Out Your Entire Home or Business
  • Thorough Cleaning of Your Property
  • Structural Repairs
  • Property Restoration

Reach Out to Your Regional Paul Davis Flood Damage Team Today

Paul Davis specialists will fix or reconstruct the damaged parts of your home. Call the technicians in your area for any emergency flood damage work. Don’t live in a residence that is inundated with flood damage, let us help you reduce some of the tension.