9 Important Steps to Take If Water Invades Your Home

Did you know that masons soak bricks in water before building a wall? The reason is interesting: dry bricks suck water from the wet mortar, weakening adhesion and reducing mortar strength and cohesiveness. Soaking also helps prevent salts from leaching out and defacing the finished wall’s appearance with an unsightly… Read more »

Six Ways to Make Your Home More Disaster Resistant

“My home is my fortress” is a comforting sentiment. But taking it literally is a mistake when it comes to disaster planning. “The truth is that almost every home has vulnerabilities to natural disasters like fire, floods and extreme weather,” says Brian Rigsby, Paul Davis of the Tri-State Area in… Read more »

Paul Davis Supports Our Local Communities

As summer heats up, Paul Davis team members are volunteering in their communities to improve lives for people who need an extra helping hand. Here’s where we contributed over the last several months: Aiding a Fallen Officer: Mike Shaw, a technician with Paul Davis of Portland/Vancouver, Washington, was recently honored… Read more »

How Hard Water Damages Plumbing and Appliances

“Hard” water: what a strange way to describe that most flexible of substances. “That’s the common term for water that contains high levels of calcium and magnesium,” explains Mickey McHenry, Paul Davis of South Atlanta. “The mineral content makes it hard to lather soap and that’s probably what most people… Read more »

Get Ahead of the 2022 Hurricane Season

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is sounding alarms about a very active 2022 hurricane forecast, the seventh consecutive year of higher-than-normal activity. NOAA expects between 14 and 21 named storms, three to six of which will morph into major hurricanes. The intensity is fueled by several climate factors:… Read more »

Water Damage to Air-Tight Buildings Presents Serious Challenges

When oil prices skyrocketed decades ago, builders accepted the energy-efficiency challenge with gusto, tightening building envelopes thoroughly. They wrapped sheathing with high-performance barrier layers, double-glazed windows, installed higher R-value insulation and sealed openings where pipes and systems exited.  As expected, energy costs plummeted in these structures. Unfortunately, “sick building syndrome”… Read more »

Paul Davis Supports Our Local Communities

As summer arrives, Paul Davis team members continue to volunteer in their home communities to improve lives and better surroundings for residents and neighbors. Here’s where we contributed over the last several months: Supporting Youth Sports: Paul Davis of Greater Baltimore is sponsoring a young, talented cornhole player named Justin… Read more »