Vandalism: A Challenging Problem for Commercial Property Owners and Managers

Vandals shocked art lovers last fall by throwing soup on Van Gogh’s iconic sunflower painting and smearing mashed potatoes on a Monet masterpiece. Fortunately, glass coverings protected the priceless canvasses from damage.  “If only commercial properties were so lucky,” says Kevin Sullivan, President, Paul Davis Restoration of Northern Virginia. “Vandalism… Read more »

New Home Construction Presents New Fire Hazards

Forty years ago, experts estimated that occupants had 17 minutes to escape a house fire. That timeframe is frighteningly short in today’s newer homes: three minutes. Research suggests that new homes burn up to eight times faster than legacy construction. We spoke with Caleb Brunz, President, Paul Davis Restoration of… Read more »

Paul Davis Restoration Brings Charity Support To the American Red Cross

Paul Davis Restoration continues its strong tradition of philanthropy, with over 300 business units actively engaging in charitable activities to support local causes. In 2024, we proudly sponsor the American Red Cross, reflecting our commitment to community well-being. As part of this partnership, our U.S. offices will volunteer for Sound… Read more »

Smoke Detectors Are Growing Up. Wiser Detection, Fewer False Alarms

Since the 1970s, when inexpensive, highly effective smoke-detector warning devices began to be required for single and multi-family homes, annual U.S. fire deaths were in the 6,000 plus range. Since then, residential fire fatalities have plummeted. Today, government safety regulations require their placement in all homes. In commercial buildings, the… Read more »

Start The New Year Off Right With A Home Insurance Check-up

Higher prices are an exasperating reality and homeowner’s insurance is not exempt from sticker shock. “The average rise in homeowner’s policy cost last year was nearly nine percent. That’s good incentive to review your coverage as 2024 begins,” says Joel Moss, President of Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita, California.… Read more »