Try the Quiz: Should You Consider a Standby Generator?

When the power remained out after a ferocious storm, Brianne finally realized she took uninterrupted electricity far too much for granted. After three powerless days, she still flipped light switches and was startled when rooms remained dark. The hot water had cooled. The freezer had warmed. Most upsetting? It was… Read more »

The Challenges of Unexpected Lease Terminations for Commercial Buildings

As the pandemic, supply issues, labor shortages and a volatile economy continue to challenge commercial concerns across North America, business failures remain distressingly common. Unexpected closures cause a host of serious difficulties for commercial landlords including property abandonment, damage, discarded possessions, and sometimes, distressing finds. “Property abandonment by restaurant businesses… Read more »

Hiding in Plain Sight, Mold Presents Significant Health Risks

When lungs congest and a ticklish cough begins, thoughts immediately turn to what we see in the news: COVID-19 infection. Often, however, symptoms like this that pop up in autumn come from another common challenge that gets far less sensational press: mold.  “When people retreat indoors as fall begins, we… Read more »

Paul Davis Supports Our Local Communities

As summer continues, Paul Davis team members are volunteering in their communities to improve lives for people who need an extra helping hand. Here’s where we contributed over the last several months: Trucking in Funds for Crime Prevention: Paul Davis Red Deer, Alberta, recently volunteered to pitch in at Touch-A-Truck,… Read more »

Tasia de Leon is a Paul Davis Difference Maker

Paul Davis Difference Make Tasia de Leon is a water mitigation manager for Paul Davis of Northeast Indiana, leading teams in ongoing flood restoration projects. Her management position at Paul Davis bestows far more than satisfaction from completing flood mitigation tasks. She reconnects daily to a tight work family she joined… Read more »