Fireworks Aren’t Fun Without Proper Precautions

Every year, fireworks set off during private celebrations cause tens of thousands of fires in the United States. Most occur during the month spanning July 4th. The blaze that damaged one California resident’s home, however, happened on the 2021 holiday itself.  While this fire didn’t physically injure anyone, the event… Read more »

Being a Difference Maker In Work and In Life

Matt Phillips is a Paul Davis Difference Maker. You may remember him from our March newsletter. He and his colleague Lindsey Brown, team members with Paul Davis of Greater Birmingham, Alabama, donated extra help to a blind man with a home heavily damaged by a vehicle accident.  “Someone running from… Read more »

Home-Based Business Insurance Plus Other Business Insurance Considerations

During the COVID epidemic, home-based businesses surged. Some were “side hustles” that supplemented income. Others became the primary source of income for their owners. In the excitement, many new proprietors neglected a crucial protective mechanism: the right insurance. The statistics are worrisome: 75 percent of all businesses are underinsured and… Read more »

These Summer Safety Practices Avoid Fire Incidents

Josh and his family moved into their new home as the weather grew summery and pleasant. Anticipating long days outdoors enjoying their lush lawn, Josh spent a Saturday morning tidying up the yard as his dog frolicked nearby. He certainly didn’t expect picking up after his dog’s natural inclinations might… Read more »

Ultrasonic Cleaning – A True Superhero in the Property Restoration Industry

Ultrasonic technology, aka ultrasound: isn’t that really used for medical diagnosis? Yes, indeed. But this amazing technology does far more than flash a black and white image of a patient’s insides on a doctor’s computer screen. It’s also a powerful cleaning method that many industries including automotive, manufacturing, machining, aerospace… Read more »

Paul Davis Supports Our Local Communities

As we move through May toward summer, Paul Davis team members are helping their home communities improve lives and better surroundings for residents and neighbors. Here’s where we pitched in over the last several months: Boxing Up Supplies for Ukraine: Paul Davis offices in Montreal, Canada, are donating boxes to… Read more »

Paul Davis Owners in Virginia Mount Medical Support for Ukraine

After months of amassing along Ukraine’s borders, Russia invaded this eastern European nation of 44 million citizens in the early hours of February 24. Shocked by the aggression, the world mobilized support for the beleaguered country and imposed harsh sanctions on Russia. The conflict has been particularly heart-wrenching for American… Read more »